Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Miniature House Full of Love

I was browsing through my favorite antique shop a couple of weeks ago and spotted  a handmade dollhouse.  For a long time now I’ve wanted a dollhouse, but I never really had the time to make one from a kit when I was working. 

According to the owner of the shop, it was full of furniture when she purchased it, but she kept the furniture for her grandchildren.  Based on the style of furniture and people in the house, she felt like the house was built sometime during the 1950’s.  We really have no way of knowing for sure though.

Dollhouse when I first received it - front exterior view


The dollhouse is in pretty rough shape – it’s very dirty, there are missing shutters and trim pieces, super ugly faux wood contact paper for the flooring, and the roof needs serious help.  I came home and told my husband about it and how I would love to be able to restore it. 

Well, guess what I received yesterday for an early Valentine’s Day gift!  My wonderful husband bought the dollhouse for me…he’s such a sweetie!

View of the first and second floors


Now looking at the photos, you may be thinking “what a hideous Valentine’s Day gift”!  My sweet husband knows me too well though…I love to take things that others might think is junk and breathe new life into them.  Underneath all the problems the house has right now, I can see the hidden beauty just waiting to shine through. 

Bottom of the hinged roof lifts up for a view of the attic space.


The first step will be to restore the exterior of the house.  I’ll be putting new shingles on the roof and the house will get a new paint job and probably new clapboard siding.  My husband will make shutters and trim to replace the missing pieces.  We sat down this afternoon and designed a new porch that we’ll be building for the front of the house.

Exterior side view


Since I have to wait until I get the shingles to really get started, I spent four hours last night ripping up the contact paper flooring simply cause I was so excited and just had to start something!  Tomorrow, the house will be getting a thorough cleaning inside and out.  I probably should have done that first, but that paper was just calling my name and saying “rip me out please!”

Staircase on the first floor


I wish I knew who built the house and who the lucky little girl was that owned it.  I can just imagine she spent many happy hours playing with her dolls and all the wonderful furniture the house would have contained.

Interior view after removing all the contact paper from the floors and stairs.


I know I’m going to love owning it now and bringing it back to life!  I’m joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday.




Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I think that is a wonderful present to get from your husband! Looking forward to seeing its transformation.
Happy Valentines Day!

gena said...

What fun ! I love my doll houses and I know you'll have a blast fixing up yours !!!

thanks for sharing !

Donna at The Scarlet Petticoat said...

i am becoming a follower just so i can watch the dollhouse progress! what a lovely husband you have!

Paula said...

Oh, it's just wonderful!! I can't wait to see how you restore it. It was so sweet of your husband to give this to you as a Valentine's Day present! That's a sign of a great hubby! ;-) I know you'll have so much fun restoring this wonderful treasure. I'm looking forward to seeing its progression!

Have a wonderful day!

Karen @ The Whimsical Lady said...

I had the exact same dollhouse growing up. My uncle/Santa built it and gave it to me for Christmas. When I got older, I fixed it up and passed it on to his daughter. So sweet. Take good care of it.


PS... I grew up in the 70's... unless they had the same dollhouse back in the 50's... which is possible, lol!!!!

Momma of five said...

I am curious how your house got restored. I am also in the middle of restoring one identical to the very same one your wonderful husband bought you. I have repaired and repainted the dollhouse and so many other fun additions. I have put wood flooring and carpet in mine and added a extra room to the attic by adding another wall. I have never seen any other dollhouse identical to mine and then I found you. I would love to share pictures with you and learn some new ideas. I hope I can hear from you and you are still working on this dollhouse.
Thanks for posting.
Momma of five :)